Chloe Singleton

Chloe Singleton

Independent Univera Associate


Bringing the Best of Nature to HumankindTM


The mission and dream of one man:

To combine cutting edge science with medicinal plant research to help you live your healthiest life!

Inspired by his own miraculous experience with Aloe vera, Yunho Lee created Univera to bring these benefits to the world.

Mr. Lee used all his resources to drive plant-based research. His vision has become our reality. Unparalleled research and development efforts have given us the tools we need today to provide you with the absolute best of nature.

Your body replaces over 300 billion cells every day.

You have the choice to continue to replicate damaged cells that accelerate the aging process or you can replicate healthy, vibrant cells that keep you feeling like the best you.

Our products not only come from the highest standard in research, development, and manufacturing, they are also formulated and studied by a team of industry experts to improve your health on a cellular level.

There is a delicate balance of damage and repair happening in your body this very second. Everyday stresses, poor eating habits, insufficient exercise, overexercising, and pollution all contribute to a premature acceleration of cellular damage that happens at any age.

The science behind our products

Through our family of companies, we have unmatched R&D, Manufacturing, and Quality Control capabilities including:

  • Over 160 patents and over 50 patents pending
  • The World's Largest Functional Medicinal Plant Library holding more than 11,000 medicinal plants, 15,000 plant extracts, 1,000 pure plant compounds, and over 300,000 HTP plant fractions
  • Unrivaled insight and knowledge of over 50 full-time scientists
  • Tier 1 biotech with full-scale genomics research with proteomics, biochemical, biological, and proton NMR capabilites
  • Raw material identity testing with HPCL, HPTCL, GC, etc.
  • In depth testing capabilities for microbial, heavy metals, organic solvent contamination, and pesticides
  • cGMP, ISO9000, and 6 Sigma manufacturing standards

Meet Our Health & Science Panel Members

A team of dedicated independent healthcare professionals that aid Univera in our mission to provide premium, efficacious, plant-based products.

Experience the Univera Difference for Yourself!

Patents and Publications

The following links are presented for educational purposes only, and are not to be disseminated with the physical products under any circumstances.



Paper: Neuromolecular Med. (Ashwagandha)

Paper: J. Int. Soc. Sports Nutr. (Ashwagandha)

Paper: Asia Pac. J. Clin. Nutr. (L-theanine)

Paper: Biofactors (GABA)

Paper: Indian J. Pharm. Sci. (Gotu kola)

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Univera Serve First®

Serve First® is Univera's philanthropic arm that provides nutrition to children and families in need, locally and globally.

  • An astounding 99.8% of donations go directly to those in need because of our amazing volunteers
  • Year after year, Serve First donates more than 1,500,000 servings of food and life-saving vitamins
  • In 2019, Serve First will donate more than 400,000 servings of Vitamin A to at-risk children
    • 1 in 4 children between birth and age 5 would die without this critical Vitamin A nutrition
  • Serve First partners locally and globally with other organizations to provide relief across the globe including:
    • Food Banks and children's organizations across North America
    • Globally with Vitamin Angels, Feed the Children, Batey Relief Alliance, and more!

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