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  • Millennials are underemployed.
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  • More than 10,000 Americans retire every day, and almost all of them will outlast their money!
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  • Home-based businesses gross over $189 billion in sales annually!
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Live Purpose

Through Servant Leadership!

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Univera carries on our Founder’s legacy by bringing the best of nature to the youngest of humankind.


This purpose is woven into our company’s philosophy of sharing our resources and knowledge to make the world a better place for others. With years of research dedicated to capturing and delivering the healing power of plants, Univera is uniquely positioned to deliver much needed nourishment to the growing bodies of young impoverished children.

Univera Serve First®

A public charity dedicated to addressing the nutritional needs of at-risk children worldwide.

A Fresh Approach

We work with various strategic partners to ensure that the generous monetary donations made by Univera Associates, Customers, Corporate staff and the public at large go directly to those most in need.

For every dollar donated to Serve First, Univera matches the amount (up to $100,000 annually) or will provide financial contributions to agencies serving areas in greatest need of vital nutrition.

What Univera Believes

  • One of the most basic ways to begin improving quality of life is by improving quality of nutrition and nourishment.
  • Your generosity is never taken for granted as it sets the example for us in this collective endeavor to eradicate hunger.
  • We seek to set an example for strengthening the spirit of integrity, respect, and service in every community — wherever children are in need.
  • The first step to making a difference is believing that you can.
…in order to send 400 tons of rice to feed those in North Korea suffering from severe famine.

Univera takes its charitable example from Bill Lee, owner of the ECONET family of companies, which includes Univera. One of the first humanitarian projects he approached through the business was to cultivate a rice plantation in the Maritime Province of Russia in order to send 400 tons of rice to feed those in North Korea suffering from severe famine.

…serving those who live on the margins—the underprivileged and often forgotten members of our communities.

We are dedicated to channeling the talents we’ve honed in the business world toward increasing nutrition and improving the quality of life for the most vulnerable in America and around the world. We are guided by the ideals rooted in the same humanitarian concerns that Bill Lee has always been attentive to: serving those who live on the margins – the underprivileged and often forgotten members of our communities. His dedication, leadership and optimism are what Univera hopes to provide our less fortunate neighbors.

We strive to demonstrate that healthful living begins at a young age. Good health begins with good nutrition, and Univera will be there to bring the best of nature to humankind.

Each time a new Customer signs up for a Convenience Plan, Univera donates to Serve First™ the equivalent of one year of vitamin nutrition for four at-risk children!

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Live Univera

One Truth, One Mission

To Bring the Best of Nature to Humankind!

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One Man's Vision

Today, Univera is the central piece of a large global organization, but in the beginning it was one man with a vision. The man was Yunho Lee, a successful Korean businessman.

Mr. Lee had long suffered from poor health and found no relief in conventional medicine. When he learned more about the properties of the Aloe Vera plant, he tried taking the juice and the result was, in his words, "a miraculous recovery." After experiencing the miraculous power of Aloe, Mr. Lee became focused on a single vision to bring the best of nature to humankind.

He used his financial success to invest in exploring the ethno-botanical properties of the plant kingdom. His goal was to discover more about the connection between the medicinal power of nature's bounty and the body's incredible power of renewal and to bring that power to the world. He had no idea of how successful he'd be.

His team of scientists made discovery after discovery, each more compelling than the last. Science validated what his own experience had made clear — with the help of certain bioactive compounds found in nature, the human body had the ability to revitalize and renew itself.

And the phenomenon that is Univera grew from the seed he planted over three decades ago to a global network comprising farms, R&D laboratories, manufacturing and distribution. Lee committed himself to creating a company with the tools, expertise and resources to unlock the amazing secrets hiding inside of nature's bounty.

The results have changed countless lives.

Experience Life Change for Yourself!

The Legacy Continues


"My father and I had a lengthy discussion about what we would call our consumer product sales company when we were ready to become a global entity. While discussing options, the meaning of Univera was appealing to both of us. 'Uni' means 'one,' and 'vera' means 'truth.' This name represents our commitment to take the one true path towards the mission of bringing the best of nature to humankind, which is our Corporate vision. Although I lost my beloved father one decade ago, my belief in that core vision is stronger than ever."
— Bill Lee
For the last 20 years, I have been building our global capability to fulfill these goals.

My father, Yunho Lee, first established the true foundation of our company and its mission: to bring the best of nature to humankind.

My father’s commitment to natural products began with his life-changing results from Aloe Vera. His experience was so profound that he created our company as a vehicle to bring these benefits to others around the world.

His vision has become my mission and legacy. For the last 20 years, I have been building our global capability to fulfill these goals.

It is a community committed to Living Young, Living Success, and Living Purpose.

In Univera, we have created a system that is not only a vehicle for distribution, it is a movement to share these benefits. It is a community committed to Living Young, Living Success, and Living Purpose.

Our mission is not built on dreams. It is built on a proven global infrastructure that ensures our purpose is matched by our capabilities.

It is this foundation of our company and its purpose that have attracted so many people to the Univera family.