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Xtra Concentrate

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890 ml bottle


  • Health Canada approved NPN (Natural Product Number): 80051616
  • Supports focus and mental stamina
  • Helps temporarily relieve symptoms of stress such as mental fatigue and sensation of weakness
  • Helps to relieve joint pain associated with osteoarthritis
  • Provides antioxidants

What Your Body Needs:

Healthy DNA results in healthy cells which contribute to overall well-being and the ability to enjoy life. As you grow older, so does your DNA, which can suffer damage by external factors including stress, pollution and poor nutrition.

There’s good news: your body produces 300 billion new cells every day and you can make them better. Univera Xtra® is an exclusive formula of effective natural ingredients that work to support cognitive function, help manage stress and promote joint comfort.

The Univera Difference:

Xtra contains antioxidant protection to positively impact overall brain function and sharpness. Xtra is also scientifically formulated with Protectin*, an award-winning, internationally patented compound shown to dramatically improve joint comfort and flexibility.

*NutraCon 2005 - NutrAward Winner

Xtra Label

I was doing a little too much for a little too long (years). When Xtra came into my life I was able to get off the caffeine. Xtra gives me clean, sustainable energy throughout the day. It gives me boosts of vitality whereas caffeine was depleting my vitality. I also love the mental clarity it gives me. I am SO grateful for Xtra! Cheers.

Susan Landa - Independent Univera Associate 

I am developing more mental clarity and focus and I have enough energy to hold down a full time job with the government, a part time home-based travel consulting and travel writing business, as well as achieved my Silver rank with Univera. 

Pamela MacDonald - Independent Univera Associate 

Xtra gives me the energy and mental focus I need to get through my busy days. Since taking it, I feel that I am better able to handle the stressful demands of school and work. Taking Xtra has become a part of my daily routine.

Jeff S. - Univera Customer 

I truly appreciate the products that Univera has to offer. Both my husband and I have been taking Xtra regularly since joining the Univera family just over a year ago. We have experienced an exciting overall improvement in our health and wellbeing. My husband and I have lost over 70 pounds each simply by virtue of paying more attention to our health and wanting to move more, thanks in large part to Univera products.

Christine Friedly – Univera Customer Care 

Ever since I was a little girl I remember never laying on my back without discomfort. So I start taking Xtra and RegeniCARE and one day I woke up and realized that I had just jumped out of bed with no stiffness or discomfort. I now can lay on the floor while doing yoga with no discomfort and my flexibility is better than it ever has been.  I used to have to do yoga to release the stiffness so I could go about my day and now I do it for pleasure and relaxation.

Melanie Kinch - Independent Univera Associate 

The testimonials presented apply only to these individuals. Results cannot be guaranteed, and should not be considered typical.