Calcium and Magnesium

Calcium and Magnesium

Calcium and Magnesium

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500 ml bottle

What Your Body Needs:

The human body typically absorbs only about 10% of the calcium ingested. Further, pills are harder for the body to digest. Calcium and Magnesium delivers what your body needs for maximum health benefits and is the safest way to give your body its daily intake of important nutrients.


  • Health Canada approved NPN (Natural Product Number): 80009773
  • Calcium - Teeth and bones contain about 99% of the body’s calcium and are dependent upon calcium for strength and structure.
  • Magnesium - Helps the body absorb calcium.
  • Zinc - Helps in tissue formation and helps the body to metabolize proteins, fats and carbohydrates.
  • Vitamin D3 - Increases calcium absorption by as much as 30% to 80%.

The Univera Advantage:

Calcium and Magnesium is developed in a liquid formula to accelerate and maximize the highest absorption of each component.

Calcium and Magnesium Nutrition Facts


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