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Univera's Founder, Yunho Lee, had a single powerful vision: to bring the best of nature to humankind.

After experiencing the miraculous power of the Aloe vera plant, he dedicated his life to discovering, developing and delivering botanically derived revitalizing compounds.

With thousands of plants around the globe that have been shown to have therapeutic health benefits, it's no wonder that plants have been effectively used medicinally for centuries. As it has been since our beginning, our mission is to discover and unlock the hidden benefits within those plants. Intent on this mission, Yunho Lee and his son, Bill Lee, set out to create a global network of farms, research and development, manufacturing and distribution.

This process of discovery began with Aloe vera.

Inspired by our remarkable success with Aloe, we then perfected technology used to uncover the bioactive compounds within any medicinal plant.

We've since searched the globe to collect and cultivate a vast collection of medicinal plants (over 15,000 so far, plus a 100,000 acre botanical reserve). Our scientists look deep inside each plant using advanced technologies such as HPLC, proton NMR and genomics. They isolate the powerful active compounds and painstakingly transform that essence into health-enhancing products. An unprecedented level of precision enables us to produce standardized ingredients with the ultimate quality control, ensuring that our products deliver the same life-changing benefits with every batch.

Today, we lead our industry in natural product research.

Today, we lead our industry in natural product research, applying pharmaceutical science to natural medicinal plants.

Our scientists are experts at discovering and delivering natural compounds that have a powerful impact on the seesaw effect – either decreasing damage or increasing repair (at the cellular and even the DNA level) while delivering bioenergetic compounds that optimize cellular energy.

A leader in the natural products industry, we apply pharmaceutical standards to botanical product development with:

  • Full-scale genomics, proteomics, biochemical, biological and proton NMR capabilities
  • The unrivaled insight and knowledge of 50 full-time scientists
  • A medicinal plant treasury holding more than 17,000 plants and 300,000 fractions
  • Over 200 Patents or Patents Pending in 27 areas of product research
  • More than 10,000 farm acres under cultivation
  • A 250,000 sq ft. state-of-the-art manufacturing facility
  • Unparalleled technology transforming the secrets of Mother Nature into the highest quality natural products for you

We call this process "farm to family" quality control. You'll call it life-changing!

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