Associates with Purpose

Associates with Purpose

Univera Associates make a difference every day. As they share the power of vitality and prosperity with others, their efforts have changed countless lives. Will you be a part of these changed lives?


“No one in Univera stands alone. The only way to get to Diamond is by helping others succeed themselves. What an amazing opportunity to be a servant leader and change the world!” 

Jordan Hubbard, Independent Univera Associate


“With Univera, I have drenched myself in these fabulous nutrients and wonderful people…a community that changed my life!” 

Liz Diehl, Independent Univera Associate


“Univera’s culture keeps me motivated. It is so filled with integrity and authenticity. And the Leadership is so touchable – right there, always willing to help.” 

Jamie Walls, Independent Univera Associate


“Univera has empowered me to do big work in the world. To be able to support people. I feel a real responsibility to help people transform their lives. My work is about transformation and supporting people to find another way.” 

Angelyn Toth, Independent Univera Associate


“Bill Lee, the owner of the company, talked about purpose and that resonates with me. Because if I can turn around and help somebody the same way that I was helped during my times of need, that is a good purpose in life. If we can provide them with a high quality lifestyle through the products that provide better health and also provide them with financial health, while also having a sense of purpose in life…there's no better feeling than that.” 

George Young, Independent Univera Associate


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