Revitalizing Our Communities

Revitalizing Our Communities

The Univera vision of vitality and prosperity isn’t limited to the individual. It extends to the wider world as well. After all, the culture of Univera is rooted in caring — for self, for nature, for the world, and for the community. That’s why Univera created Univera Serve First®, a public charity dedicated to providing nutritional support to impoverished children around the world. Since its inception, Serve First has generated nearly 1.5 million dollars in donations. A large portion of that funding is dedicated to our partner, Vitamin Angels®, who supplies vital nutritional supplements to thousands of children in the United States and around the world. When you enroll as a Preferred Customer or Associate on a Convenience Plan, Univera automatically triggers a donation directly to Vitamin Angels which will support four children for one year with essential nutrients.* Direct donations are also accepted and are matched dollar for dollar by Univera.


In addition to providing monetary support, Univera Associates can earn a once in a lifetime opportunity to join Serve First and Vitamin Angels on annual humanitarian trips to locations around the globe. Those who attend receive a first-hand experience of their donations in action, assisting with vitamin supplementation, food distribution and more. These trips have included travel to remote locations of Guatemala, Nicaragua, and most recently, Honduras, where for the first time they were accompanied by Univera founder and CEO Bill Lee.

“My days in Honduras have been some of the most meaningful times in my life. This trip has given me an ever strong affirmation of what we need to do to improve the state of this world as a community.”

Bill Lee – Univera Founder and CEO

*With a minimum 100 BV


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